5 Apps that Hold Keys to your Career Climb to the Top

Unlocking the secrets that help reach the pinnacle of success has never been easy. Countless seminars have been taught and volumes of books written, all promoting purported keys to success and a boost to your career.

While many of these may be valuable resources, the greater demands of today’s work environment means that the push for the top requires harnessing the power of technology. Check out these powerful apps and discover how your phone can help unlock the mystery of success for your career.

Level Me Up

Fancy college degrees and impressive certifications cannot take the place of good old-fashioned experience. Malcolm Gladwell, author of Outliers postulates that it takes 10,000 hours of focused practice to become an expert at a given task. While that sounds like an impossible number of hours, what sounds even more preposterous is keeping track of the hours to know when you have become an “expert. Enter “Level Me Up” the innovative iPhone app that lets you keep track of your hours of practice in a fun, gaming type scenario. Set goals or levels in a number of different skills, and start keeping track of those hours leading you to success. You may even discover hours you did not realize you are investing!


If you every wished Facebook could be used as effectively for business networking as it is for social networking, then Yammer is your answer. Owned by Microsoft, Yammer is an incredibly powerful business networking tool allowing for collaboration, sharing of files, finding contact information, and connecting with important business contacts. The app form of Yammer allows you to continue all those important business connections while on the go, ensuring you do not miss out on those important leads and communications. The Yammer app will quickly become a top app for many success seeking users.

Job Finder

If you have not already landed your dream job, the hunt can be frustrating, especially when you miss out on an important job posting while out pursuing other leads. With the Job Finder app, missed opportunities will be a thing of the past, as this app offers the key to being in tune with all the best job opportunities in real time. Be the first to know and the first to respond with Job Finder.

Affirmations for Job Success

How does a baby learn to walk? By a lot of trial and error, of course, but the cheerful affirmations of parents and other adoring fans helps keep a baby excited about learning the new skill and not giving up with the falls. Wouldn’t it be great to have such affirmations helping you find your way to success? The Affirmations for Job Success app is your key to receiving positive, life-changing affirmations right on your phone.


If it were possible to collect every brilliant idea, record random thoughts, save fantastic articles, and then magically search through them for just the right tidbit at the moment you need it, the ability might just unlock the gateway to success. Such an ability comes true with the Evernote app. Integrated between your computer and just about any phone or other mobile device, Evernote allows you to quickly save things you see, hear, or think of, and then quickly search through the information when you need it. It is like an electronic post-it note organizer that is searchable. Impress with your ability to have outstanding information right at your fingertips.

Unfortunately, no app can zap you into success. However, adding a handful of powerful apps to your ring of keys to success can help give you a competitive edge and keep you on course for the climb to the top.

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