Creating An Effective Email Signature

When you use email for your business, it is important that you have an effective email signature that has all of the required information but also looks good. You can see some excellent examples of email signatures on the website which will give you an idea of what you should include in your email signature. There are certain points which should be included in your signature that will have all of the information that your customers and potential customers could need.

Email Signature

 Sticking To Corporate Branding Guidelines

If you have not created corporate guidelines for branding, then it is something that you need to do. These guidelines will help to ensure continuity for your company, and make sure that everything uses the same colours, logo, and information. You can use email signature templates for all of your email addresses to make sure that they all adhere to the guidelines that you set, with everyone in your company having a signature that meets them.

 Information To Include

There is a lot of information that you can include in an email signature, and it is an excellent place to advertise all the different ways that a customer can contact you. Relevant information that you will need to add to your signature are things such as;

  • Name and Position within the company
  • Telephone and Fax Number
  • Company Website
  • Name & Address of the company
  • Social Media Links
  • A Legal Disclaimer
  • A Tagline

There is some information such as telephone number and website that many people include automatically into their signatures, but it is also an excellent place to have links to your social media accounts. With just the press of a button, customers can click on the relevant social media icon and be taken directly to your account, a good way to increase your amount of followers. A tagline is also something that you should include as this can be used to entice customers to interact with your email, and take them to sales and promotions that you currently have.

Keep It Short But Informative

As much as you want to include lots of information into your email signature, you will want to make sure that you do not overdo things too much. Try to keep it straightforward and looking sleek, as this will most likely prove to be a much more effective design than when having too much information displayed.

When you are adding a logo or image, you will need to make sure that the file size is not too big, and that the image will render correctly on all devices. One way to make sure that the signature looks the same on all devices is to use a standard font for your email. Speciality fonts may not be installed on a lot of devices, so they will default to their set font which can have an effect on how the signature looks.

It is worth your time and effort in playing around with your email signature until you get it right. When you have a striking signature that stands out from the crowd, it can even help with your online marketing efforts, driving traffic to set pages on your website. So if you are not too bothered about your email signature, maybe it is something that you should take seriously and look further into so that you create the right impression with your customers and prospects!

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