Five Android Apps Every Car Owner Should Use

Car owners with Google’s Android platform smartphones have access to many great apps that are beneficial when on the road. Even better, many of these apps are available for free from the Android Market. While there are thousands of apps available, here are five apps are recommended for anyone who drives a car:

1. Google Maps Included on Android smartphones by default, this app is great for mapping out your driving routes that will save time and wear and tear on your vehicle. Google updates the maps on the service quite often, so you can be certain that your route will be up to date.

Obviously, it’s best to use Google Maps before you get in your car and/or while you are parked. Distracted driving causes accidents.

2. Navigation by Google Another app that is already pre-installed on Android devices, Navigation is perfect for any users who do not have a standalone GPS navigation device. Simply type in the address where you want to drive and the Navigation app will give you turn-by-turn directions that will lead you to your destination. If you Android phone is new enough, the free Navigation app even offers speech commands.

3. GasBuddy Find the gas station with the cheapest gas in your area with just one click. Downloading this app from Android Market is free, but it is worth mentioning that users provide the information about the gas prices, so you may not always get the straight dope…only it’s usually close. The reason the data is up to date? If you provide the app makers information about gas prices in your area, you earn points towards a weekly prize, including a $250 gas card.

4. VoiceActions or Vlingo Because texting while driving is becoming illegal in most states, Google has introduced a fantastic app called VoiceActions. When this app is opened, users can speak their messages aloud without having to look down at their phone’s keyboard. It’s a great solution for hands-free texting while you are on the road. However, this app does not work for older Android devices, though there is a third-party app available from the App Market called Vlingo that can accomplish the same task.

5. ParkDroid Finding where you have parked your car can be difficult, especially when you are not familiar with the area or if you live in a city with notoriously limited parking (hello, NYC). By installing ParkDroid, drivers can mark where they parked their car on a map and find their way back conveniently through GPS positioning. That way, if you have to move your car every other day to avoid a parking ticket, you don’t have to worry about remembering where you parked.

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