Great Home Office Gadgets That Keep Your Productivity At Its Peak

Having a home office is great. You always get a lot more work done than if you were hunched up in a little corner of the living room. But an office is only as great as the things you put in it. You will obviously have a computer and desk, and maybe a comfy chair, but have a look around and tell me what else you keep in there? The aim of the game is to be as comfortable as possible. That doesn’t just mean the chair. When you have the right equipment you can work a lot more productively than you normally would. Your mood changes and you now feel relaxed. But what are these magical pieces of equipment you should have lying around?

Somewhere to scribble down your thoughts

Everyone needs something inside their office where they can scribble down anything or write their to-do-list. You can do it on a piece of paper, but it’s not exactly inspiring. When you look at it you won’t feel compelled to do something. You should look into putting a whiteboard up on the wall. Once it’s up you can do all sorts of magical things with it. Drawing a line down the side and writing a daily to-do-list is much better than writing it on paper. It’s big and in your face. Use the rest of the board to write down any genius ideas that pop up.

Buy a shredding machine

Why would you need a shredding machine? Just open the newspaper and have a look at the stories about people getting their identity stolen. Maybe you don’t care about yourself, but do it for your customers. They send you mail with important information on it because they trust you. What they don’t want is someone looking through your bins and finding their credit card number. Don’t waste money on a big one if you don’t need it. Not when you can buy a little USB one for really cheap.

Time for a coffee break

Working at home is great because there’s no-one except your children telling you what to do. You can’t get rid of them. But sometimes you like more company. The days can get lonely so I’m not surprised. You might want to take the whole operation down to a coffee shop and work from there. It’s not really great carrying a large laptop down with you. You can, but it’s not ideal. What you’d be better with is an iPad. Since it syncs to your office computer you still have access to anything you need. Plus it’s much easier to carry.

Seeing is much better than hearing

When you are talking to someone you don’t just want to hear their voice. It’s always nice to see someone and sometimes a built-in webcam doesn’t cut it. You want a good picture because it looks much more professional. All you need is a good webcam and you’re set to go. It’s also much better for you recording videos in case you use them in your business. While you’re at it you should also get a good microphone. A great picture deserves great sound, right?

Something to keep you feeling fresh

Coffee is great for helping you feel awake and I bet you drink lots, but there’s only so much you can do on a coffee high. An electric fan is a great piece of kit for a home office because it can keep you feeling fresh when you’re starting to get tired. No doubt you work long hours and as soon as you feel the wind blowing into your face you automatically perk up. Just don’t let it blow all your paper about the place because you’ll be tired again by the time you pick it all up.

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