Guide to Finding the Right Tablet


The tablet market has exploded recently. What was once seen as an overpriced toy is beginning to replace laptops for many consumers. The operating systems of the most popular devices will seem familiar to anyone who has browsed the smartphone market in recent years; Apple, BlackBerry, and Android operating systems are the major players.


The iPad has been the gold standard for tablets and has been a popular fixture in tablet reviews since its debut. It is the only tablet to have access to Apple applications. This extensive catalog is exhaustively vetted before being offered to consumers, which many users find comforting. The iPad is considered to be one of the most user friendly options available in the tablet field and remains one of the most popular choices despite the fact that it is one of the more expensive ones. The iPad can be purchased with 3G or 4G connectivity or with wi-fi only for a bit less.


The BlackBerry PlayBook is not always mentioned in tablet reviews because it is definitely a niche product. It is perfect for companies or individuals who are already familiar and happy with the traditional BlackBerry products but other users may find it limited in app selection and customization. This tablet is smaller, has a user friendly operating system, and excels at web browsing because of the integration of Flash. This device can be tethered to a BlackBerry or utilize other wi-fi connectivity.


The Motorola Xoom has long been seen as the premier tablet for Google’s Honeycomb operating system. The screen is crisp and responsive and the app selection is increasing steadily. Compared to other operating systems, Android is highly customizable. This is definitely a boon for any tech savvy users who want to be able to tinker with their tablet. The Xoom can be purchased with 3G connectivity and will have the ability to be upgraded to 4G in the future or it can be purchased with wi-fi capabilities only.

Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is the newest entry into the tablet game. It has several things going for it right out of the gate, not the least of which is the Amazon experience. Amazon already has a loyal following for its Kindle and has proven itself repeatedly in the customer service department. In fact, that is one of the biggest draws of the Kindle Fire. Free cloud storage for all Amazon content, easy access to Amazon movies, music, and books as well as the Android app market are all part of the package. Finally, this tablet is smaller and lighter than its competitors and hundreds of dollars less than any other tablet. Unfortunately, the free 3G that has been standard on other Kindle products is not available for the Fire. It is only available with wi-fi.


While the first version of Samsung’s Galaxy did not receive an overwhelmingly positive reputation in the tablet review scene, the latest version is doing quite well. One of the most notable new features is the Mini Apps tray found at the bottom of the screen. Once opened it allows the user to interact with multiple apps at once, something no other tablet provides. Options include wireless only and 3G connectivity.

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