How Much Money You can Make with Online Surveys

Survey implies collection of specific information or data for taking marketing decisions on products or services. It could be made through phones, post or face to contact or online.


With the advancement of information technology, online survey is becoming more and more popular. If you intend to earn money, sitting at home, you can take up online survey jobs from reputed and authentic sites.

Categories of Companies

There are certain categories of companies that go in for making survey of their products and services. These are B2B, Automotive, Accessories, Media, Food and Beverages, Electronics, Tourism, Restaurants, Leisure and personal and Social.

But, most of these companies entrust the job to professional survey companies. You have to take up the job of screening, e-mailing customer support and updating profiles.

Survey Panels

While there are more than 1800 authentic and legitimate survey panels, there may be equal number of scam sites. Make a thorough research online and choose the authentic sites.

At the same time, don’t sign up with so many survey panels because by receiving a large number of email invitations daily, you may lose sight of the most profitable panels.

Earning Points

Sometimes, the monetary incentives are paid on the basis of points. For instance, for a thirty minute survey, you may get 100 points. For some survey panels, you may get $25 for 35, 000 points. Other may pay you $1 for 3000 points. You earn money as per the time you afford for it.

If you want to earn a substantial amount, limit your dealings with 30 to 50 well-paying panels, instead of 100 panels, paying fewer amounts. After a few months, you can identify the panels that pay the best. You can then come down to 20-25 panels and continue dealings with them.

Time Involved

One survey taker has admitted that he works eight to ten hours a day and calculating his income on the basis of 40 hours a week working, his average income worked out to about $1 per hour or even less.

With increased experience, he was able to earn $2 to $5 per hour. It all depends upon, how much time you are affording and how efficiently and productively you are completing the job.

Actual Earning of a Survey Taker

Yet another survey taker has provided the statistics of his earnings from online survey job. He has indicated his month wise earning, chronologically. He started from January, 2008, making no income.

On July 3, 2008, he earned $730.66, August, 2008, $1055.43,; October 9, 2008: $1473.32; January 22, 2009: $2253.20; July 3, 2009: $2997.58; November 2,2009: $3370.31; January 16; 2010: $3983.63; May 11, 2010: $8679.49; May 6, 2011: $10,597.22; 0ctober 3, 2011: $11904.79 and December 31: $9235.92. It can be observed that the income increases gradually and steadily.

A Viable Estimate

Based on the above along with other variable factors, you can expect to earn $100 to $500 in the first month; $500 to $1000 in the second month and $2000 to $4000 in the third month, if you work consistently.

Variable Factors

The amount you earn from online is dependent upon the following variable factors.

Panels: The amount paid by different survey panels vary significantly. The more invitations you get, the more you can earn. But, you may not be able to handle more than 15 to 20 panels, simultaneously. However, joining more number of panels may not guarantee an increased income.

Time: The more the time you afford, the more will be your income. As a part time job, you may work for four hours a day and can go up to eight hours or more. But, you may be fatigued due to consistent working on computer. Time involved in each survey varies between two minutes to fifteen minutes.

Skill: Your own skill, consistency and method of working also play important roles in the amount you earn.

Other Factors: Besides money, you can get prizes and free products. If these products are of your regular use, your personal expenses could be substantially reduced.

Payments by Panels

You can also make an estimate of how much you can earn, from the amount paid by some of the following legit survey sites that has good history of paying their members.

My Survey: They cover topics like food, media, tourism and electronics. They reward users with points for the job done and pay through pay pal. 345 points can be exchanged for £3. Time involved is 15 to 20 minutes per survey.

One Poll: They cover shopping, parenting, celebrity, music, movies and travel and pay 10p to £1 per survey. You get £4 for referring the site to your friends.

Vivatic: They pay an average of £1 per survey. You can get your money when your earnings accumulate to £20.

YouGov: They cover topics like finance, politics, shopping and public affairs. For each survey, they pay 50p

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