How to Make Money with Blogging

If you have a blog and it is getting a lot of traffic everyday then this is the right time to monetize your blog. A blog is not just to provide information to the people but it should be making money for you as well. Most of the people that start blogging today have making money as their primary objective and you should also keep it at the top in your priority list. There are different ways with the help of which you can make money through your blog. Some of the best ways are described below.


 Google AdSense program is the easiest and the most commonly used way to make money through blogging. You should stop wasting your time and start making money with the help of AdSense. AdSense is a service provided by Google so you can think how productive it can be for your blog. All you need to do is to apply for Google AdSense program and once you get authentication to display Google Ads on your blog, you will start making money. You will get paid with every click that is been made on your blog ads. You will be provided with a code that you will have to paste in your blog. This code will generate an ad unit and once a person will click on that ad, you will get paid. All the earnings will be stored in your AdSense account that can be withdrawn very easily through check.

Affiliate Marketing

 If you want to make some big money with blogging the affiliate marketing is something that you have to do. You can pick products from different companies and market them on your blog. Once a customer will buy a product through your blog, you will get paid commission for it. The best thing about these affiliate programs is that you will get paid 50% to 75% commission. There is no product in the world that will pay you enough commission but if you will start doing affiliate marketing then you will be earning a lot of money easily.

Promote Private Ads

Although, it may seem like Google AdSense program but it is quite different from it. In both these monetizing methods, you will be displaying ads on your blog but if you have decided to promote private Ads then it is up to you that how much you charge them to display their ads on your blog. If your blog has a good traffic ratio then you can contact different big websites to display their ads on your platform. Normally bloggers charge $200 to $400 per month for these ads. There is another good thing about these ads that these will increase the beauty of your blog. Also, the value of your blog will be increased in a few months very easily. The more your blog increases in the value, the more you will be getting paid for these ads.

Making money with blogging is not difficult at all but you will need to have right approach.

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