How to Use YouTube to Promote your Blog

YouTube is the most successful and biggest video media sharing site on the web, with over 3 billion views per day, it would be ludicrous not to use this platform to promote your blog effectively.

I know that the subject of promoting your blog using social media has somewhat been exhausted many times before, but let’s look at YouTube, many newbie bloggers still struggle to understand how essential it is to use the power of video to drive targeted traffic to their blogs. In this post we’re going to look at some top tips on how to use YouTube to promote your blog effectively.

Create a Channel Specifically for Promoting your Blog

The first thing is if you already have a YouTube channel that you use for leisurely use like watching random and commenting on non-related videos; don’t use this channel for promoting your blog. Instead create a fresh new channel and name it after your blog, customize it so that your channel has the same brand image as your blog does.

Create Videos Related to your Blog’s Niche

The next thing to do is to compose a list of videos you might want to create that is related to your blog’s niche. These might be product reviews, how to tutorials, video blog posts etc.

If you want to create online tutorials, which can really bring the traffic home, then consider investing in some kind of premium screen recording software like BB Flashback Express. If you want to create video type posts you can pick up a reasonably good quality web cam or use a digital camera for best results. Edit your videos in Windows Media Player or similar desktop software and upload them straight to YouTube. Check out this post on how to create the best video product reviews  for your blog.

Create Videos Announcing Blog Giveaways & Winners

One of my favourite things to do with video is to announce blog giveaways and winners on my own blog. It is a great way to build confidence in front of the camera lens and a great way to get lots of hits too.

Link Videos to your Blog

Remember to create resourceful videos and add a unique description as well as a link back to your blog or blog post from your videos.

Search Engine Optimize your Videos

You see many videos on YouTube with little thought placed in the title or description even. Ensure your videos have a great eye catching and SEO friendly title, and the same goes for your description. For example if you’re making a video reviewing the latest smartphone then ensure you use keywords in your title, description and tags.

Connect your Social Network Profiles in your Channel

In your YouTube channel there is an edit button on the right hand side, here you can connect your Google+, Twitter and Facebook accounts to cross promote your videos, and I highly recommend you do this.

Add a Link to your Blog’s Homepage in your Channel

Editing your channel not only allows you to add a short about section to your profile, but to also allows you to add links to external pages such as your blog, your blog’s top categories or individual posts should you wish. They are of course a nofollow link but since it’s from a hugely popular website it counts just as much as any dofollow link.

Announce your Blog URL at the end of your Videos

Finally, if you’re creating a series of video blog posts or vlogs as they’re more commonly known, don’t forget to mention your blog URL to your viewers. You can also add it in an annotation bubble in your videos when editing in YouTube.

So there you go my friends, some useful and practical ways to begin using YouTube, and using video to drive targeted traffic to your blog. If you have any questions or further tips to add, please feel free to add them in the comments section below as always.


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