The Most Important Factor that Separates Good Email Marketing Campaigns from the Bad


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A successful email campaign occurs after committing lots of mistakes on your previous ones. Even if your campaign did not achieve the desired conversion rate, everything evens out as long as you correct the elements that are causing your emails to perform poorly.

Ignoring the results of your campaign provided by your email marketing platform and enforcing the same emails to your list without improving them only render email marketing as a futile exercise in your online business!

Therefore, in order to achieve high open and conversion rates with your email campaigns, you need to learn the most important factor that ineffective email marketers ignore: A/B testing.

Why A/B testing

The practice of A/B test for your email, also known as a split test, is a great way to measure and gauge which type of email sent to your list works. Below are benefits of implementing A/B testing for your email marketing campaigns:

  • Test out different versions of the elements in your email that affect your conversion rate.
  • Provide options to segment the people in your list who will receive split-tested emails as opposed to those who won’t. Ideally, A/B testing is conducted to a large segment of your email list to draw accurate results from the performance of your emails.
  • Receive valuable data about how your campaign fared so you can measure the response of your recipients (whether or not they opened, clicked on the call to action, and were converted by the landing page, among others).

How to conduct an A/B test

Start off by enrolling with an email marketing company which incorporates Email AB testing feature that allows marketers to drag and drop elements on two separate emails. Design both as differently as possible without compromising the message of your email and see how both will fare once people in the list receive either.

What are the email elements you should test

Before you proceed with sending out your email, you will need to intelligently plan how you will execute your A/B test to measure how each convert. Below are some of the elements that you should test in order to improve conversion:

  • Call to action – Since this is arguably the most important element in your email campaign, we can further break this down into different parts:
  • Style – Measure whether your list responds well to a button or a text CTA. If you will be using a button, test out the size, color, and shape as your variables. The same applies to your text CTA, although you may also have to track how the font face affects your conversion rate.
  • Message – Since a CTA encourages the recipient to perform your desired action, you will need to test out the words you will be using to achieve this
  • Placement – Check out how your list responds to the different locations of your CTA on your email.
  • Subject line – An underwritten subject line will spell doom to your campaign. This is why you need to observe the best practices of writing an effective subject line in order to create different versions to test and measure.
  • Copy – The length, style, and tone of your email need to be controlled in your A/B test in order to determine how you should craft your emails moving forward. For style and tone, it would be best if both stick to the nature of your brand to avoid confusing people on your list, i.e. your list that is comprised mostly of business owners may not enjoy reading an email with a humorous tone.
  • Email layout – First thing to consider is a responsive email design so that your message is optimized for viewing on different devices, from smartphone to desktop. From here, choose different colors and placements of your text and images to be shown on your email.
  • Specific offers at the end of the message – Aside from the call to action, you may find yourself promoting other products and services in your email. As long as the different offers are of equal value, you can mix and match them in your A/B test to see which among them is clicked on the most.

By following the guidelines above of implementing email split testing and tracking the performance of both emails, you can maximize your email campaigns by continually improve your campaign and apply the tactics that work.

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