Top 3 Apps to Help Around the House

You know the phrase, “There’s an app for that”? Well, it’s the truth! No matter what “that” is, there’s an app to help you out. You may associate apps for apple or android phones with games and gadgets, but they can also help out with more everyday activities. Here are our top 3 apps to help out around the house!

Best for helping in the kitchen – Jamie’s Recipes

Jamie Oliver is one of the most famous British chefs around, and he’s also known for his simple, sensible recipes. The Jamie’s Recipes app is regularly updated with new recipe packs; most recently a barbecue themed pack released just in time for summer. This means that the app as a whole is literally brimming with some of Jamie’s best dishes to help you out in the kitchen, no matter what kind of food you favour!

Best for helping in the garden – Gardening Toolkit

The Gardening Toolkit is a great, comprehensive app that can help out both the beginner and the most advanced gardener. You can record all the plants in your garden and keep track of them with the app’s handy progress bar, which alerts you to blooming times and harvest dates. The app will also advise you on what to grow and when to grow it depending on your location. The Toolkit’s extensive library of plant images and info provides a great resource for any gardener.

Best for keeping the kids in line – Chore Hero

Struggling to get the kids to do their bit around the house? The Chore Hero app makes doing housework more fun for everyone involved, with a simple system for keeping track of whose turn it is to do what and a rewards system to provide suitable incentives. The app features three sections: today’s chores, people, and chores. You can assign particular jobs to specific people each day, or you can mix it up a bit and randomise the process. The more chores each person performs, the high their rating gets, until they earn the rank of Chore Hero!

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