Top 5 iPad Accessories

There are a seemingly endless number of ways you can extend the functionality of your iPad through accessories. When you choose the right add-ons, you get all the benefits of your device plus additional features that enable you to do much more from wherever you are. Here are five top picks for iPad accessories you can find at your local Apple authorized store.

Covers and Protection

The first thing you should think about when you go looking for good deals on iPads is how you will protect your investment. Your device needs the right cover to keep it safe from scratches, spills, dropping and damage. Covers for your iPad come in waterproof versions, ultra-slim cases, screen protectors and with full button coverage.

Speakers and Audio Receivers

When you want to use your iPad to play music in a crowd, such as at a party or during a workout class, you can hook up a pair of speakers. If you already have speakers and want to connect them wirelessly to your iPad, you can choose a Bluetooth or Airplay receiver.

Keyboard Case

If you want to use your iPad to do some typing on occasion, consider a keyboard case. This accessory is a small keyboard and case in one, which attaches easily to your device so you can type on the go.

Dedicated Stand

If your protective case doesn’t include a stand, you can get a dedicated stand as an accessory. With a stand for your iPad, you can watch movies or surf online content without having to hold the device in your hands.


 If you want to use your iPad to do some drawing, take handwritten notes or edit photos with precision, a stylus is a must-have accessory. You can find the Apple Pencil for iPad Pro in an Apple authorized store.

Adding accessories to your iPad makes it more fun to use and allows you to do much more than you could with just the device alone. Take accessories into consideration when you decide which iPad to purchase.

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