Why you should immediately start using Logmatic?

As we all know data plays an important part in today’s world. It is also important to derive information from the data available. The data we generate is quantified and collated for long term usage. Every software system that functions today have log files that track what’s happening in the system. It can take enormous amount of time to deep dive into log files, find what is happening in them and fix these error or problems. Finding a search engine for these logs can make your day wonderful.

Finding bugs early can always give the software or your product a stability to survive in the hands of your customer. These go wrong and you end up in destroying your company. This is where Logmatic comes into picture.

Logmatic Io Logmatic is a cloud based log management software that brings all the logs together from different systems and monitor them continuously for problems. If there are any problems, you could rectify them as soon as possible before it causes any drift in the progress of your project.

Some of the main advantages of using Logmatic

  • Logmatic can create custom dashboards that support filtered metrics, flow charts and other charts based on the user requirement.
  • Dev Ops can utilize this amazing tool to evaluate and monitor all your environments and store their log entries. This can provide you an opportunity to efficiently analyze and troubleshoot your software at once place from Logmatic.
  • Gives you an opportunity to find the areas of improvements within your service that can help your customers getting satisfied service from your business or organization.
  • RESTful API’s by Logmatic can make you use them in the apps that you design.
  • Even with a complex distributed environment Logmatic can help you pinpoint the actual source of problems through the log analysis.
  • Sharing the analytics with the team is a big advantage of Logmatic.
  • Searching is never made so easy in Logmatic that enables you to perform complex search queries.
  • It fills the gap between admins and the developers this is very important as these two entities must be on the same page during debugging.
  • Alerting and dynamic dashboards help users to maintain their own point of interest.


  • Different programming handlers to send logs directly to Logmatic.

Heroku is a famous cloud based development platform as a service(Paas). It Is highly appreciated for its various supported development languages like Ruby, Java, Node.js, Python etc. Heroku logs can provide you with the information on what’s going on with the platform. The most important thing when dealing with the heroku logs is that its purpose is to not store all the logs that it generates. Its Logplex helps you with this.

Some of the Customers Testimonials below will make you rethink

“ Adikteev is an AdTech company. We deliver Ads on our publisher network.
We have implemented Logmatic in less than 2 days and it helped us to to control in real time that all ads were performing well.
Really impressive !  “ — Frédéric Leroy, COO, Adikteev.com

“We constantly have a tab opened on Logmatic every single day ¿ once configured it clearly gives you a 360° vision of everything. There are other tools out there that might provide more features but Logmatic is the only one that could fit perfectly to our needs.
It has the most efficient UX of them all and you will be just amazed by his speed.”  — Mathieu Lemaire, CTO, Cubyn

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    Hi, there is a great alternative called NXLog, which is open source and free to download, check here: https://nxlog.co/products/nxlog-community-edition – also it’s a multi-platform centralized log management solution, which is pretty handy, since it can collect logs from Windows, Linux, Android and more. And it provides high-performance even when scaling up to thousands of server.

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